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Chris Albert, Trainer, Nutrition Coach, & Marine Corps Veteran

Chris Albert is an internationally recognized trainer, nutrition coach, and entrepreneur. Chris has worked with hundreds of clients around the world and has used the ketogenic diet as a way of controlling his Ulcerative Colitis. Chris is also a proud US Marine Corps veteran and the host of the Warrior Soul Podcast where he delivers tools and tactics each week to help veterans to live their best lives. 
Frequently Asked Questions
Is Warrior for Life Only for Veterans?
No. While the focus of this community is on improving the lives of veterans, any man who is looking to improve themselves and their fitness is welcome to join. 
Can Women Join
Yes, but most of the information provided here will be oriented toward men. 
Will You Spam Me?
No. Though we may mention services or products from time to time, we will not be sending out sales emails. The content you will be getting will be providing you with some of our best information we can give you on optimizing your performance and your life. 
What Will Be In the Emails? 
Tools, tactics, ideas, and expert advice on living your best life. You will also get our latest podcasts, videos, and articles. 
What Will This Cost Me?
Nothing, it is entirely free. 
Will You Be Sharing Our Information
Never. We follow all policies set out by the CAN-SPAM Act and GDPR and will never ever share your information. 
I've put this information together to help veterans and any man willing to listen to become healthier and happier. There will be no spam or salesy emails. Just pure information to help you become stronger, smarter, and more resilient. 
  •  Overcome testosterone deficiency without resorting to injections or creams. 
  •  Learn the basic principles you need to know to lose weight and pack on muscle. 
  •  Improve your mindset and get rid of excuses.
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